Car accidents are, unfortunately, highly common in this day and age. No matter how careful you drive, there is always the possibility of an accident. Car wrecks cause damage to your property, your body, and can stretch your pockets in hospital costs and more. If you’ve been in a car wreck in New Orleans, a lawyer from our firm can help you get restitution and help you provide for yourself or your family through a trying time where you may not be able to work. Whether you have been in an accident involving your personal vehicle, an 18-wheeler/commercial vehicle, a company car, or a motorcycle, the Law Office of James Paul Leydecker can help you get the payment you deserve.

There are a number of important factors in making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, including making a prompt insurance claim, exchanging all necessary information with the other party in the collision, collecting any and all witness reports, and obtaining a full incident report from the police officers on the scene.

Filing an insurance claim and getting fair compensation may be difficult, but our attorney have settled many cases, and we have the experience to make sure you will receive what is due to you. If you wish to learn more or put our team into action on your behalf, the Law Office Of James Paul Leydecker is here to help. Acting quickly is the best way to ensure the legal process goes through smoothly, as auto accident claims are time sensitive. Contact us to begin the process of getting you restitution.